The Breakdown





Who Are We?

Pioneers in a new age of modern literature, Vorochta 5 was founded in 2009 as a literary blog, and has since expanded its media formats to include photography and popular short films.
What began as a creative outlet for five friends is now an international sensation. Vorochta 5 covers various taboo topics such as sex, religion, psychology, metaphysics and everything in between.

The Team


10304356_10106401000720134_1471060686906710988_nYurij Dobriansky (Yumado) was born and raised in New York City and considers himself a native American. Having co-founded Vorochta 5, Yurij works closely with the company in developing new and cutting edge content. A student of anthropology at Hunter College, Yurij draws some inspiration from multicultural taboos and uncommon traditions. Yurij is also a reverend.

Alex KopcykRaised in the countryside of Connecticut, Alex Kopcyk (conetiquette) spent most of his youth working at a gas station. After high school, Alex packed his bags and moved to New York City and enrolled in Hunter College. Since then, Alex has brought about many highly praised poems and videos. Alex is also a Ukrainian Folk Dancer.

The man behind the curtain, Zenon (emerckx) was raised in New Jersey in the early part of his childhood. Since then he’s moved around has developed a talent for business and policy. Having studied at Rutgers University, Zenon not only drew up Vorochta 5’s internal policies and procedures, but also sits in on most meetings to manage hostile situations.

Antin Petryk -

Separated at birth, Antin Petryk (Antin) was born in Rochester, NY. Developing a keen eye for cinema, Antin studied film as well as the human condition. Joining Vorochta 5 in 2011, Antin’s writing style has been described as raw and true which not only provokes but educates. Antin is still alive.

Lida Benson -
Born in the heart of the nation, Ms. Benson has always had a flare for theatrics. After being a part of numerous productions in high school and looking at buildings, Ms. Benson packed her bags and headed straight for New York, where she followed her dreams and enrolled in the prestigious Barnard College. There she studied theatre and architecture. After a few months and after a very selective process, she found herself taking on the role of an intern at Vorochta 5, where she not only learned how to read and write, but also found herself taking part in Vorochta 5’s film production.

Yarko Dobriansky - Actor

Born and raised in New York City, Yarko Dobriansky is no stranger to performing arts. Spending a year in Los Angeles, Yarko has studied acting on both sides of the United States and has been a part of numerous productions in film, tv, and on the stage. Older brother of Yurij, the two also sing in the Dobriansky Brothers quartet. Yarko joined Vorochta 5 and has been most acclaimed for his role as Vorochta 5 News weather man, Evan Spectre. Yarko has also been a proponent in the organization and hosting of Vorochta 5’s live events.