Vorochta 5: Politics & Diversity

With our country torn in a game of political he said she said, I’ve noticed how out of touch politicians can be. We began to reexamine Vorochta 5. We wanted to make sure that we haven’t lost touch with our readers in this country. Over the past week I have traveled to Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennesse, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.  to get back in touch with the real America. Not to say New Mexico isn’t really America, our budget just didn’t allow me to go out that far.

My second stop on the tour was in Grand Rapids, Michigan where not only did wine and dine with the locals, I also had the proud privilege of marrying two very dear friends of mine. That’s right, I joined a ministry. I’m now Rev. Yurij Dobriansky.

That was an eye opening experience. After that, I headed to Asheville, North Carolina. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I wasn’t able to attend their annual Cultural Arts Festival, but I did manage to find the time to explore and talk to some of the locals. Both Grand Rapids and Asheville are rated as the best cities for their beers. I sampled some of the local brew, and I was enthralled by the roller coaster my taste buds had experienced.

I realized, I’ve only been visiting cities. I knew I had to get out there. To where our food, our crops and grains come from. I needed to experience everything from the mountains to the prairies. I even saw and met some self ascribed “hill billies” as the signs on their houses said.

City slicking poetry is great, but Vorochta 5 is about dreams and diversity. I knew in my heart that there was more out there that I needed to experience as a writer. It wasn’t until I climbed up to the top of the mountains (pictured below) that I felt my body saying God Bless America, it really is my home sweet home.

After visiting the home of one of my favorite authors, Thomas Wolfe, I was so inspired that I worked night and day to a point where I just crashed on the couch while reading a book during what was supposed to be my afternoon off.

To wrap things up, I’m going to be extending my tour as I prepare to visit the lovely nation of Canada next month, our 3rd largest fan base.  That’s it for now, I’ll keep in touch. And as the Vanderbilts told me, don’t forget to just stop and smell the flowers from time to time.

(Notice the Shirt)

First Flight

Recently….well, currently, I’m on a tour of “real America,” where country means country and French Fries are American Fries.

It took one of my best friend’s wedding to finally get me on a plane. I’m 24, and up until about a week ago, I’ve never been on a plane. I vaguely recall being to an airport once to greet someone with my family, but that was as close as I have ever gotten.  It wasn’t the mind blowing experience I thought it be, instead it turned out to be mind blowing in a totally different way. To be fair, the flight was only from NY to Grand Rapids, Michigan (United Airlines) and then a few days later from Michigan to Asheville, North Carolina (Delta). (Both of which had layovers). Had it been something on a grander scale, such as California or Japan, it may or may not have been different.

What I expected.

What I expected was a physical realization of the magnitude of our planet, to feel how big it actually is. Like trying to understand the scale of space.

What I got.

Instead I got a a few flights with ear to ear grins non-stop. The advancement of human ingenuity. I was in a man made object flying at relatively high altitudes. There were maybe only several inches between me and the sky. We were just going forward really quickly and sort of gliding. I also developed a new appreciation for clouds. I’ve always loved and have been fascinated by them, but seeing them up close. That was a spectacle that nearly brought a tear to my eyes. Seriously though, it was nothing short of climactic.

The magic didn’t end after the first flight, nor with the second (connecting flight). A few days later, I had to fly to North Carolina and the thrill of it was still there. So there you go, my flying cherry has been popped. Sure, I’ve thought about it, even fantasized about it with toys, but nothing beats the real thing. Although trust me, I’ll be referring to it in my thoughts for a while.

On a side note: I was relieved not to see anyone on the wing of the plane. It would have been a pain trying to convince someone.

Vorochta 5 Around the World

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Recently, while we have been on hiatus, we received pictures from our close friends, Eric and Sara, vacationing in Guatemala.
Spreading the word and their love of Vorochta 5 with their official Vorochta 5 wristband.

Show your love for Vorochta 5. Send us pictures with your Vorochta 5 wristband from your travels.
Don’t have one? Contact me here for more info.

Dreaming of a Better Tomorrow

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For some of us, life is great.  There needn’t be a care in the world.
For others, life can be a living hell. Each year, millions of people around the world
suffer from illiteracy. At Vorochta 5, we’ve taken literacy seriously and are working hard to promote it.


As the photo (above) suggests, I appear to be sitting down and sharing a few laughs with President Obama. Snapped by press, we are seen here discussing our fight for literacy and creating a program which would expand Vorochta 5 into school curriculum all over the nation.
What are your thoughts on political intervention in our schools?