Fan Submission – Untitled


by Jason Graham


She was 5’6 slim with long straight black hair half black and Dominican

size five nice eyes smell like a red rose looks smart with or without glasses

you could always tell that she carry herself well an always look presentable

I could tell she had a good job because nobody will just give you a black

card always at the coffee shop always on the phone, kind hearted, sweet,

respectful,and polite when she speak her vocabulary tells me that she

reads a lot never seen a girl who always kept herself consistent men was

threat by her the way she walks they would all stare but when she smile

pretty white teeth she will say hi and they would get shy I don’t know

but I think she don’t need a man to please her. Her p.h.d. explains it all

she was always on her job next goal after the next she say to people

the saddest thing in life is a waste of talent since her last boyfriend dumped

her I say to her a set back is nothing but a set up for a comeback and you

came back strong she look at me and smile and I got shy.


Thank you Jason for your submission.

Fan Submission – Old Man on the Train

By Wednesday, January 26, 2011 0 Permalink

Old Man on the Train

There is a stoic old man sitting on the Dinky,

He takes the same steps every time he leaves the train.

Methodically stumbling his way through the tunnel at the center of the station,

The whole world wants to

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Fan Submission – “That I Regret”

That I Regret

I run to the waterfall to cleanse my face
To forget the last zabava and remove lipstick from my face
The girl I loved had loved me back

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Fan Submission – “Sunflower”


Oh sunflower, wilted away in the dark I know you’ve had better days.

The weather’s been worse

And you my sunflower have felt it

I see you in the day dark blue ‘gainst a fence, so pale.

Sunflower, you are and will be to no avail.

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Fan Submission #3 – Flush


by Anonymous

You’re omnipresent in my mind.
Separate but appart.
You are my shelter, the hand that trembles as I take the cigarette.
A cloud of sweet smoke, and lips that softly urge.
I’m tense.
And bewildered.
Gently, slowly, you’ll corrupt me.

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