To Have And Bear All

It was dark and wet. Spring had just arrived and all was quiet but for the sound of his heavy breathing and the dripping water. His snoring echoed throughout and frightened intruders away.
All of a sudden, he woke up coughing and heaving. He scrambled for a cigarette and found a half smoked one in the ground. It was damp and moldy, but he didn’t care. He lit up and the coughing stopped. His breathing slowed down. His eyes were bloodshot and he could taste the bitterness of his own breath. It felt like a horrible hangover, but he had just been sleeping and living in a very dark place for a long time, as he does every year.
With the cigarette still in his mouth, he fell back onto the pillow and stared blankly into the darkness. The smoke scared the bees away. As he reached over to

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The Navajo Ranch

Indians grab their rifles, their bows and arrows. Tomahawks in hand, they are off to war.

Painting their faces with the blood of their enemies, chanting and summoning spirits

of protection.

The children hug their brothers and fathers, clinging to them for dear life.

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The Riddle.

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There once was a prince who decided to go on a journey with his servant. They came to a small house in a dark forest where a girl warned them that her stepmother was a witch who disliked strangers, but unfortunately there was nowhere else to stay. The prince and his servant reluctantly entered the witch’s house and the girl warned them not to eat or drink anything the witch gave them because it might be poisonous. The next morning, the witch gave the prince’s servant a poisonous drink, telling him to give it to his master, but the servant ended up spilling it on the prince’s horse, killing it. When he told the prince what had happened and they came to the dead horse, a raven was already eating the corpse. Deciding they may not find better food that day, the servant killed the bird and took it with him. Next, they reached an inn and the servant gave the innkeeper the raven to make food of it. Unknown to the prince and his servant, the inn was really a robbers’ den. The robbers returned, and before killing the two travellers, they sat down to eat. Immediately after eating a few bites of the raven soup the innkeeper had made, the robbers fell dead from the poison that the raven had in its body. The innkeeper’s daughter then showed the prince and his servant the robbers’ hidden treasure, but the prince insisted that they keep it.

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Three Faithful Blacksmiths.

Three blacksmith’s apprentices wanted to remain friends and agreed to work in the same town, but business was slow and they had grown so poor they thought they would have to separate.

A man dressed in rich clothes approached the three and offered them money in return for their help. One of the three noticed this man had a horse’s hoof for a foot and recognized him as the devil.

The devil assured them he did not want their souls, that he just needed help getting a soul that was already half his. He paid the men and told them that whenever they were spoken to, the first one was to say “All three of us” the second, “For money” and the third, “Quite right!”

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Song of Truth.

A dragon was ravaging the king’s land and he offered a reward to anyone who would kill the dragon.

Two brothers decided to set out on their own to find the dragon and kill it.

The younger brother met a man on the way who gave him a spear. He was able to kill the dragon and returned to find his older brother.

He found the brother at his house, who stayed to drink until he was brave enough to face the dragon.

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