Day after day,

I play the game.

This mundane life,

Working the grind.

At night I sit here,

Staring at the stars.

My ring

Lies on the table.

Bright days, Black nights,

Beware what power?

What light?


The Passed Over Seeder

Sirens blazing,

My heart jumps.

Panic ensues.

The sound grows louder.

I get rid of the video

I had just downloaded.

Red lights burst

Through the windows.

Sweat runs

Down my forehead.

The ambulance

Passes my house.

Close call.


My Sweet Heart

You are so sweet,

Most delectable part of life.

I think about you all the time.

Just once is never enough.

I can never have enough of you.

I never denied my cholocate desires,

But with peanut butter insides.

You are the sweetest thing in life.

White Collar

Each day, I wake up,

Put the collar on.

I head downtown –

Time for work.

I listen to their sorrows,

Reassuring them.

Sometimes, I even join

A couple in marriage.

This is my white collar job.

The Final Hour

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Those desperate times,

when the end is near,

the clock is ticking,

but time is standing still.


There would be no greater joy,

than to vanish from this site.

Put an end to this suffering,

From this last and final hour.