Whines and Spirits

In the darkness, they appear.

They torture and torment.

But light they fear.


When crowds gather.

Why can’t we sleep soundly,

Without trouble or fear?

Inside every nook,

Around every corner,

Lingering and loitering,

There they are.

Waiting to possess.

Juggling Fears

A tap at the window,

My eyes open wide.

Just over my shoulder,

I can feel his stare.

He presses his nose to the glass,


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As I turned to my master and asked, “why?”

He struck me down,

And I had felt shame.

Early on, we are

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Comfort and Discomfort

I stumbled across an ancient tomb,

With a carcass, a womb.

The remains of sadness and scorn.

I broke into tears,

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