Some look forward to the day,

Filled with everlasting glory.

Some look forward to clouds parting,

And the sun pouring down like rain.

Time will be still.

Laws will be broken.

On this day, this most glorious of days,

All will be good, then all will be bad.

Those who were right expect to smile,

To brag.

The wrong will be wronged

And they will suffer.

While all along,

A silent stranger will be watching.

The Vacant Seat

There is a man,

I know does not exist.

At times, I reach out to him,

but he never responds.

Often times, I find myself

speaking to him.

Again, he never replies.

Just sits there,

Taking notes.

Brief Lines of Sparks on Thought

Double speak, triple speak, linger in the air as you linger on your desk,

Talking in circles and walking in another.

Then sitting back down in an awkward perch,

Licking your lips and awkwardly chewing your finger.

It’s a double entendre gay pride parade and you’re riding in on a centaur wearing leather chaps.

What the hell?

No one knows what the hell is going on, not even you.

I can tell by the long awkward pauses and that crazy wild eyed stare.

Can you?

I try to document your logic. See your reason. Decipher your non-linear A.

For a lack of a better term, transmute your thoughts via mysticism and  alchemy.

But I’m no Grand Vizier.

So I just sit there. Stare at the floor.

And think to myself. “I can’t believe I paid 6,000 dollars for this.”

Class Dismissed.



Lessons In Life #46

Sometimes, when God appears to me,
I’m tempted to grab a towel or a robe.
But then I realize, this is how he made me.

…So I don’t.


Evolved we are
we claim to be
intricated individuals.

Each day I see
the hunt goes on
the hunger with in
bleeds through the eyes.

Never a more
predatorial creature
I’ve seen before
searching day in, day out
for a way in, way out.